Don't Leave the Future to Chance

Don't Leave the Future to Chance

Consult an estate planning lawyer in Rhinebeck, Red Hook & Poughkeepsie, NY

Simply talking to your friends and family about your end-of-life wishes isn't enough to make sure they happen. An estate planning lawyer from Rhinebeck, New York can draw up the necessary legal documents to ensure that your wishes are carried out.

Kevin T. Wade can work with you to create wills, trusts and other legal estate planning documents. Dial 845-516-4203 now to make an appointment.

Don't wait to create your will or trust

Why is it so important to make time for estate planning services? A detailed estate plan...


  • Provides clarity: All too often, misunderstandings and confusion over a loved one's wishes pull families apart.
  • Reduces stress: Trying to manage a loved one's estate while grieving can be emotionally overwhelming.
  • Preserves the estate: Instead of losing much of the estate to taxes and probate fees, early planning can allow you to transfer your assets seamlessly.




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